0444 & 0455 Switches

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Davies Craigs 0444 and 0455 Switches change the way we look at coolant switches.
Until now switches were quiet, unassuming components. These switches have a range of new features:
     -  Ability to select switch temperature between 40C to 110C (104F to 230F) at the touch of a button
     -  LED temperature display
     -  Two separate relays allows for dual fan activation for better temperature control.
     -  Second fan starts ten seconds after first, if required
     -  Can display temperature in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit
     -  Can be operated by air conditioning
     -  Sensor can be installed in air (radiator) or water (with #0409 adaptor)
     -  12-volt or 24-volt capable (12-volt relays standard)
     -  Total current capacity up to 50 amps

0455The 0444 switch is installed in the engine bay close to the radiator, and the stainless steel temperature probe is simply fitted between the radiator fins, or in the top radiator hose (using adaptor #0409).

0455 switch enhances the facilities of the 0444 using a dashboard-mounted LED display module which has a direct temperature readout and allows adjustment of the set temperature from the driving seat.





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