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0500 Gauge / Switch

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  • New for 2019 : DIGITAL GAUGE FAN/EWP SWITCH #0500

    The new digital 52mm round gauge fan and EWP® Switch offers state-of-the-art digital features:
  • Bright, attractive, compact high visibility 52mm round face with LED digital display for mounting in the drivers compartment!
  • LED indicators for fan #1 and fan #2 as well as Aircon & LED lights for operating condition
  • 12-volt & 24-volt compatibility
  • Built-in display dimmer with headlight trigger
  • Select either Centigrade or Fahrenheit temperature readings
  • Independent set/targeted temperature settings for both fan #1 and fan #2
  • Independent control of Aircon override(fan #1 or fan #2 or both)
  • Separate manual or temp controlled auto switching for each fan
  • Over temperature warning with audible alarm plus 5 minute snooze facility
  • Incremental push-button temperature set range -0c (32f) to 130c (266f)
  • Transmission fluid temperature detection. (requires the use of #0465 and a Sensor Adaptor - not supplied)
  • Temperature Sensor fault display
  • Interchangeable Sensor & replaceable probe.0500 Kit
    The 0500 switch is equipped with the proven stainless steel temperature sensor probe which can be conveniently locked into the radiator fins close to the hot coolant inlet or (using a #0409 Temp Sensor Adaptor Kit) placed into the top radiator hose for accurate coolant temperature readings. The switch is mounted either on or in the dashboard for easy reading and quick adjustment.
  • Convenient push-button control allows you to accurately set/target temperature for automatic activation of Fan #1 and Fan #2 at independent temperatures when extra cooling is required.
  • Simple, do-it-yourself installation instructions.
  • This flexible digital switch can also be used to activate an Electric Water Pump and/or an Electric Booster Pump.

      • 0500 Switch Specification


        Operating voltage

         12 & 24 volt

        Maximum Current 

         40 amps (or dependent on relay rating)

        Relay setup

        Dual relay


        Single speed, 10-second delay to activate 2nd fan (independent set temperature)


        Recommended for all Davies Craig fans & Pumps

        Temperature Display

        LED digital display: Fan #1, Fan #2, & Aircon

        Temp Units

        Button selectable  C or F

        Temp Settings

        5C - 110C  or   41F - 230F via push buttons

        Temp Reduction Range

         -5C from set/target

        Temp Detection

        Air or Coolant (requires #0409 adaptor for coolant)



        Circuit Type

        Pre-programmed micro controller

        Probe Lead Length


        Fan Operation Indicator

        Separate blue LEDs for #Fan1 and #Fan2

        Aircon Override Indicator

        Fan override by external A/C control

        Over Temperature Indicators

        Audible alarm and flashing temperature display


        Two separate wiring looms incorporating relays

        Faults Display

        Temp sensor open circuit / short circuit display


        Round 52mm gauge / mounting pod