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The EWP115 Alloy has the same performance characteristics and is exactly the same size as the normal nylon-bodied pump.  It is a little heavier (1200 grams against 980), and a little more expensive, but mainly itís a metal pump, which perhaps suits some engine bays better! It is delivered in a matt finish as in the picture, but it could be polished up with a lot of elbow grease...#8040_EWP115_Alloy_med

So, like the black pump, the aluminium version is well suited to meeting the cooling needs of large V6ís and V8ís, generally standard engines  up to around 350hp.  And the metal body will stand up to the rigours of race  and rally use.

But apart from the difference in material, the other difference is in the inlet and outlet connections. These are still 38mm outside diameter, to fit coolant hoses with inside diameters from 35mm to 51mm (with the aid of rubber sleeve adaptors which are included in the fitting kit.)  But the insides of the connectors are threaded (AN-16 thread), which enables you to plumb in the pump as well as connect different size hoses. 

All the usual EWP switching options are available with the aluminium pump; and like the EWP80 and nylon EWP115 it also comes with a Dual Controller in a combo pack.

And if you get a taste for shiny bits, think about installing one of the Davies Craig range of chrome fans.

We also have a range of accessories to help with pump installation.