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Electric Water Pumps

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Why an electric pump?
Nearly all cars still have mechanical water pumps - which is a bit strange, as electric pumps are more efficient in terms of the power they consume, and they can also match an engineís cooling needs much more effectively. A mechanical pump is always a compromise. Belt or camshaft driven, its pumping rate varies directly with engine speed, so that at tickover in traffic jams it will barely pump sufficient water around the system, and at high revs it will be trying to pump too much, leading to wasted power and the risk of cavitation (disrupted flow caused by the pump trying to shift more coolant than the waterways, hoses etc will take).

The latest car designs are using electrical water pumps, as their reliability, availability and superior performance become understood. But the major advantages of improved cooling and higher engine efficiency (3%-5% fuel savings), or having more power available from a freer revving engine, are already available to anyone who wants to retrofit their car with a Davies Craig electric pump. Another major benefit is the ability of an electric pump to keep running after engine shutdown, to prevent the heat soak problems to which some engines are prone. 

The Davies Craig range
The Davies Craig family of eight pump sizes (EBP15, EBP23, EBP25, EBP40, EWP80, EWP115, EWP130 and EWP150) is suitable for a very wide range of applications. We sell them to owners (and builders) of:

  • Cars with tuned engines
  • Racing cars
  • Older cars with thermosyphon-cooled engines
  • Classic cars with less than adequate cooling
  • Cars with a worn or broken mechanical water pump
  • Kit cars

The pumps are also suited to a range of non-car applications:

  • Motorcyles and Trikes
  • Hovercraft
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Go karts
  • Boats, caravans and motorhomes
  • Even solar heating systems!

The  EBP15 or booster pump, with a maximum flow rate of 15 litres/min, is generally suited to thermosyphon- co




























oled cars and motorbikes, go karts, hovercrafts etc. It is also ideal for improving the performance of car heaters in older cars, and is also happy to pump salt water for cooling smaller inboard boat engines.  The EBP25 (recently upgraded) is a higher power version of the EBP15, with a similar range of applications (only more so...). It is particularly well suited for air-to-water intercoolers and is already used by a number of turbo/supercharger kit manufacturers. The EBP23 sits between these two pumps, as a better value option to the EBP25 when less pumping power is acceptable. Biggest of the booster pumps is the EBP40, which will pump to a max head of 9 metres. All the booster pumps have long-life brushless and sealed motors. The pump impellers are magnetically driven so no shaft seals to wear out.

The EWP80 is suitable for many car cooling applications up to around 2.5 litres / 200hp, with its flow rate of 80 litres/min. Heavier cooling demands may require the extra capacity of the EWP115 with its 115 litres/min, and this pump is also ideal for more powerful rear engined/front radiator cars when the coolant has a way to travel round. The latest addition to the range the EWP130 is suitable for many high powered engines, and has very flexible mounting options similar to the EWP80. At the top end of the range, the 150 litre/min rated EWP150 will circulate enough coolant for almost any car engine, and is well suited to large V8s, high powered race engines with outputs of 350hp and more, hard working 4x4s and some commercial vehicles. And both EWP115 & EWP150 are available in 24-volt versions.

 Click on the pump pictures for details. The pumps have proved themselves effective and reliable since their launch, and every pump comes with a 2-year warranty. If youíre not sure which pump is best for your application, have a look at the EWP Comparison page. Or phone us to discuss it!  The EBP40, EWP115, EWP130 & EWP150 are all available in 24-volt versions as well as the standard 12-volt. All Davis Craig cooling products carry a 2-year warranty

Pump Control

There are two ways to control an electric water pump - with either an on/off switch, or with a speed controller.

If the electric pump is being used to assist an existing mechanical pump and provide extra coolant flow when the old pump canít keep up, then a thermatic switch is the right control choice. These switches monitor coolant temperature and switch the pump on when the needle starts to rise above normal, just like the operation of an electric fan.    Click on  Switches for more details.

When the electric pump is the only pump itís usually best to use a speed controller. This unit monitors coolant temperature as the engine warms up, and varies the pump speed (and hence water flow rate) to suit the cooling needs of the engine at that moment. Click on Pump Controllers for more details. (And the latest Davies Craig digital pump controllers include the facility to switch the electric fan on and off as well)

In some situations, for example in a race car, the pump can be wired to run permanently, turned on with the ignition switch, or a separate manual switch. Various options are possible!

Please feel free to phone us on 01273 493343 to talk about your application.