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EWP115 white 261008The EWP115 was launched in 2009 as part of the Davies Craig range of electric water pumps. Designed slightly differently to suit the growing OEM market,  the pump is no bigger than the EWP80 and only 80g heavier. With a flow capacity of 115 litres/minute the new pump is suitable for installation in larger engines including V6 & V8ís up to around 3.5 litres, some highly tuned smaller engines, big 4WDís and smaller commercial vehicles.

When installed as a replacement it outperforms the old pump, not only by improving cooling efficiency, but also enabling the engine to transmit previously wasted power to the road.  The manufacturers estimate a power gain for a typical 6 litre vehicle (the power which was previously soaked up by the belt-driven water pump) of 10kW (approx 13bhp), in addition to savings of 3% to 5% in fuel economy.

 The EWP115 can either assist the original mechanical pump, or replace it. Generally though, an EWP80 is likely to have enough capacity for most ďassistingĒ situations, whereas the extra capacity of the EWP115 is more likely to be used as a sole or replacement pump. 

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In a race engine, the EWP115 will normally be wired direct into the ignition, possibly with the addition of an override switch or a turbo timer to allow the pump to keep working after engine shutdown, and so prevent heat soak problems.

But in most installations a pump controller will be required. This is an electronic device which senses engine temperature and varies the speed of the pump, and hence the rate of coolant flow through the radiator, to maintain close temperature control.


The pump is designed for universal fit, and comes with everything you need to install it, including detailed instructions.EWP_pumplogo The pump is normally installed in the bottom (return) radiator hose, with its weight supported by the hoses - generally thereís no need for any bracketry.   Inlet and outlet connections are 38mm diameter (with sleeves up to 50mm), so the pump will mate with hose i.d.ís between 35mm and 51mm. Unlike the EWP80, the larger pumpís inlet and outlet connections are integral parts of the moulded body, so there is a fixed 90-degree offset between the two, but we have 90-degree hoses (part no. 8505) which improve layout flexibility.       A competent fitter can complete a straightforward first-time installation in approx 3 hours, although complex installations may take a bit longer.    Click to see the EWP115 Specification, or follow the link below to see the pump fitting instructions.

The pump is fairly compact, a large handful weighing around 2 lbs. It is made from glass filled nylon, which will live happily in an engine bay environment. Although designed for negative earth systems, the pump is happy to work on positive earth cars with suitable wiring changes.

We also have a range of accessories to help with pump installation.

Please feel free to phone us on 01273 493343 to talk about any EWP115 application

Click for: EWP115 Installation Instructions


EWP115s are also available with an
all-aluminium body.

The performance of the two variants are the same, as motors and pump impellors are identical.

The alloy version has
1Ē AN-16 internal threads
in both inlet and outlet
for rigid mounting, and the metal body will withstand the rigours of track conditions with no problems....



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