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New Pump (April 2015)

The latest addition to the Davies Craig range of electric water pumps is the EWP130.  A beautiful lightweight alloy-bodied pump, the EWP130 is big brother to the EWP80. It shares the same style of inlet and outlet connections, enabling it to be mounted in virtually any orientation. It is delivered with one elbow and one straight alloy adaptors, and both fit either inlet or outlet. So it can fit into more confined spaces than the EWP115 anEWP130withadaptorsd EWP150, which have fixed inlet and outlet ports set at 90-degrees to each other.
The picture shows the new pump fitted with its inlet and outlet adaptors in the inline configuration.

The pump delivers 130 litres/min, has 35mm inlet and outlet connectors, and can be driven by either a switch or a Davies Craig Controller.

Made from powder coated aluminium, the pump weighs less than 1200 grams, and can be mounted either supported directly by the bottom radiator hose, or using a newly introduced
pump mounting bracket.

Like all Davies Craig Pumps the EWP130 comes with a 2-year warranty.

Have a look at the EWP Comparison page to see where this pump fits into the range.

We also have a range of accessories to help with pump installation.