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Introduced in late 2013, the EWP150 pump can shift a full 150 litres per minute. Like the EWP80 and EWP115 the new pump is designed for universal engine fitment, and will meet the cooling needs of those larger and higher horsepower, turbocharged and supercharged engines (400 HP and more) which develop excessive heat.  This pump is available with an alloy body, and is only slightly larger than the EWP115, but with a deeper water chamber and a more powerful electric motor...EWP150 small

 The inlet and outlet connections are the same as the alloy EWP115:  nominally 38mm outside diameter, they match hoses with inside diameters from 35mm to 51mm (with the aid of rubber sleeve adaptors which are included in the fitting kit.) Alternatively  the insides of the connectors are threaded (AN-16 thread), which enables you to plumb in the pump as well as connect different size hoses. 

All the usual EWP switching options are available with the aluminium pump; and like the EWP80 and EWP115 it also comes with a Dual Controller in a combo pack.

See EWP150 Specifications

We also have a range of accessories to help with pump installation.