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The EWP80 was the worldís first universal fit automotive electric water pump. Introduced in 1999, sales have grown steadily as the pump has established its reputation. It is the middle-sized pump in the Davies Craig range, and is suitable for virtually all cars with engine size up to approx 2.5 litres.

The EWP80 can either assist the original mechanical pump, or replace it. When assisting it gives peace of mind -  when driving conditions would previously bring on overheating, the extra pump capacity will keep the temperature down to normal. When installed as a replacement it outperforms the old pump by saving power and matching coolant flow to engine needs.  Davies Craig estimate a potential gain of up to 8kW/10bhp for a typical large engine, with savings of 3% to 5% in fuel economy.  

A common use for the pump is in classic cars, where the original cooling system is inadequate for modern day traffic, or canít cope with modern day fuels which burn hotter. And running the pump for a couple of minutes after engine shutdown minimises heat soak problems and the potential for damage to engines ferrari_engine3.

Another big market for the pump is in kit cars, particularly rear or mid-engined cars which have a front-mounted radiator and need assistance to circulate the coolant around a longer than normal flow path.

The EWP80 is also ideal for competition cars where racing engines at high revs need maximum cooling efficiency, as does cooling the engine after the race, when heat-soak can do its worst. In the past a pair of EWP80s have been used with great success on 600hp V12 Ferrari 550GTO Le Mans race cars (above), and by the McLaren-Mercedes F1 team And the pump also has wide application in new generation cars: in 2008 Ford signed an agreement to use thousands of EWP80s annually as part of its electric vehicle development and production program. Of course, now that the EWP115 and (coming soon)the EWP150 are available, it makes sense to use these pumps with greater flow rates to cool higher performance engines.

Pump Control
There are two ways to control an electric water pump - with either an on/off switch, or with a speed controller.
If the electric pump is being used to assist an existing mechanical pump and provide extra coolant flow when the old pump canít keep up, then a thermatic switch is the right control choice.  These switches monitor coolant temperature and switch the pump on when the needle starts to rise above normal, just like the operation of an electric fan.    Click on 
Switches for more details.

When the electric pump is the only pump itís usually best to use a speed controller. This unit monitors coolant temperature as the engine warms up, and varies the pump speed (and hence water flow rate) to suit the cooling needs of the engine at that moment. Click on Pump Controllers for more details.

In some situations, for example in a race car, the pump can be wired to run permanently, turned on with the ignition switch, or a separate manual switch. Various options are possible!


The pump is designed for universal fit, and comes with everything you need to install it, including detailed instructions.EWP_pumplogo The pump is normally installed in the bottom (return) radiator hose, with its weight supported by the hoses - generally thereís no need for any bracketry.   Inlet and outlet connections are 35mm diameter (with sleeves up to 50mm), and can be mounted in a variety of positions to suit most hose configurations.  If you find that you need two straight adaptors or two 90-degree adaptors, rather than the one of each supplied with the pump, just let us know.  We also have 35mm i.d. 90-degree hoses (part no. 8505) which offer even greater flexibility.  And if you need to mate up with smaller hoses, we have turned alloy adaptors for 26mm hoses (part no. 1027) and 19mm hoses (part no. 1028).    A competent fitter can complete a straightforward first-time installation in approx 3 hours, although complex installations may take a bit longer.   Click to see the EWP80 Specification, which includes a picture of the complete fitting kit, or follow the link below to see the pump fitting instructions.

Click for EWP80 Installation Instructions

ewp_hand_largeThe pump is quite compact, about the size of your hand, and weighs around 2 lbs. It is made from black glass filled nylon, which will live happily in an engine bay environment. It operates from a normal vehicle 12-volt system, producing a maximum coolant flow of 80 litres/minute at a supply voltage of 13.5 volts. Although designed for negative earth systems, the pump is happy to work on positive earth cars with suitable wiring changes. The EWP80 will also provide a useful coolant flow on cars with 6-volt systems, providing there is enough current capacity in the dynamo!  We offer a 6-volt relay as an option, as the kit includes a 12-volt relay as standard.

We also have a range of accessories to help with pump installation.

  Please feel free to phone us on 01273 493343 to talk about any EWP80 application.