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MAW Solutions Ltd : UK Importer of FOURNALES Shocks

MAW Solutions Ltd    Hanworth  TW4 5PY     Phone: 01273 493343   


Welcome to our website.  We are official UK importers and distributors of the Fournales range of high pressure air shock absorbers for motorcycles and scooters.  Fournales shocks have been around for more than 30 years, and have a dedicated following among customers who appreciate their excellent performance, long life, ease of adjustment, light weight, and most of all the quality of ride they provideFourn-air-twinfournales Classics

The range comprises four designs of twinshock, plus around 350 different monoshocks, some specialised shocks for Harley Davidson Springers and Softails and BMW telelevers, and a mixed range of shocks to fit more than 50 scooters.


The Air Twins and Classics are both slimline shocks, with 50mm lower body diameters. Air Twins are finished in black steel over chrome, and have an exposed schrader air valve at the top. The Classics have the same internals, but have a chrome top cover which conceals and protects the schrader valve. (To adjust the pressure, the top cover unscrews and drops down to expose the valve).

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fournales magnumFournales HD Bi Alloy 13a05Magnum twin shocks have a chunkier look to them, and are popular on larger bikes and cruisers. They are all chrome with a smooth top cover and a ribbed 60mm diameter lower cover.

Like the Classic shocks, the air valve is accessed by unscrewing and dropping down the top cover.

In 2006 Fournales launched a new range of alloy-bodied twinshocks. These are made for Harleys only at present, and are similar in size to Magnums, but finished in black with exposed aluminium hoops.  All Fournales shocks are light in comparison with traditional coil-sprung units, but these HD Alloys are super light!  They are also available for softtail Harleys as the Pan Cruise Evolution model.

All twinshocks can be uprated for fitting to motorcycles with sidecars. This should be specified at time of order. The shocks will be built to match the additional weight, and in addition will run at an air pressure approx 30% higher than for the corresponding solo machine. 



Fournales monoshocks have several advantages over the usual coil-sprung aftermarket shocks:fournales mono road


  • Less than half the weight of comparable coil shocks
  • Straightforward access to the shock’s air valve, making adjustment easy. Most aftermarket monoshocks have preload adjustment, but it’s often quite difficult to get a c-spanner on the shock to adjust it
  • No-coil design means easy to keep clean and looking good
  • Can be specified for uprated use with sidecars at no extra charge
  • Plus the usual Fournales advantages of excellent ride quality, no bottoming out, very high mileage between rebuilds, 2-year warranty etc