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TYREGUARD 400 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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The TYREGUARD 400 TPMS is an electronic safety system for monitoring air pressure and temperature in vehicle tyres. Under-inflated tyres waste fuel and accelerate tyre wear, apart from the dangers of driving on a “flat”.  This unit will sound an alarm for low pressures, and also for slow leaks, so that the driver is made aware of a problem before it becomes hazardous.  On a long run, an under-inflated tyre will heat up, and the high tyre temperature alarm feature can be a welcome early warning of a problem.

TYREGUARD 400 consists of a set of 4 sensors and a hand-held monitor. The sensors are powered by internal batteries, and are set up individually to the vehicle’s recommended tyre pressures. Tyreguard 400 Each sensor monitors the air pressure and temperature inside its tyre, and continuously transmits the information to the monitor. The data is then graphically displayed on the monitor screen, and the driver or passenger can scroll through the data for each individual tyre. An audible alarm will sound and a red led light will flash should any tyre’s pressure and/or temperature vary from the set levels.

The TYREGUARD 400 will monitor the air pressure and temperature of up to 22 tyres (more than 4 requires the purchase of additional sensors), with pressures in the range of 0-145 psi and temperatures up to 85 deg C.JET-400C     So, as well as the normal 4 tyres, it’s perfectly possible to monitor spare wheels, trailer or caravan wheels, and multiple wheels on buses, trucks etc, as long as the sensors are within 25 feet (7.6 metres) of the monitor.


  • Continuous display of tyre status
  • Alarms for 6 seconds when any tyre pressure goes out of limits
  • Alarms for 6 seconds when any tyre temperature exceeds 75 deg C
  • Alarm criteria can be customised separately for each tyre
  • Displays low battery warning for both monitor and sensors


The TYREGUARD 400 TPMS is delivered complete with an in-car charger, a window bracket, four sensors with batteries, four sensor anti-theft devices, and instruction manual. Additional sensors can be purchased in packs of two.



  • Monitor:            Size:                     86mm x 55mm x 23mm
                             Battery Life:        30 days (rechargeable lithium battery)
                             Monitors:              1 -  22 tyre sensors
                             Range:                 max 25 feet (7.6m) to sensors
                             Pressure:              0 - 145 psi
                             Accuracy:              +/- 3%
  • Sensors:            Size:                     21mm x 21mm x 21mm
                               Weight:               9 grams
                               Battery:                CR1632
                               Frequency:          433.92 MHz
                               Protection:           Waterproof and dustproof